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SeroScience Ltd. provides immunotoxicology testing services with unique expertise in predicting and preventing complement activation related hypersensitivity (infusion) reactions.




Company introduction

SeroScience Ltd. (SRS) is a small/micro biotech enterprise (SME), spin-off company of Semmelweis University Medical School in Budapest, Hungary, founded in 2006 by medical scientists. It provides research services and regulatory testing for pharmaceutical companies in regards to the safety of drugs in R&D. Notably, SRS utilizes state-of-art in vitro technologies and large and small animal models for assessing the potential of drug candidates (most importantly intravenous drugs, biologicals, nanomedicines and contrast media) to cause hypersensitivity (allergic, pseudoallergic or infusion) reactions and other adverse immune effects, including antibody production (immunogenicity).


SeroScience Ltd. has special expertise in

  • the prediction of complement activation-related pseudoallergy (CARPA)
  • immunogenicity assays measuring naturally occurring and de-novo produced IgG and IgM antibodies
  • toxicity evaluations in vitro and in vivo
  • cardiovascular and hemodynamic measurements in animal models, specifically in pigs, dogs, rats, mice and other small animals


Immunotoxicology is an emerging field, developing in parallel with the advancement of biopharmaceuticals, nanoformulations of small molecular drugs, and imaging agents, for which immunotoxicity is a major aspect of the overall toxicity profile. Although regulatory coverage is clearly increasing some aspects are in an exploratory phase and scientific insights are essential. In addition to providing testing services, SeroScience is a scientific leader in the field of infusion reactions that occur upon administration of the above-mentioned and other classes of therapeutic and diagnostic agents. Over the past 15 years, our scientists have published more than 25 papers on the topic in leading journals in the field.