11th European & Global Summit for Clinical Nanomedicine, Targeted Delivery and Precision Medicine (7 -10 Sept 2018, Basel)


Wednesday, 5 Sept 2018 (Hall Singapure):

13:45 – Roadmap and Strategies for Overcoming Infusion Reactions to Nanomedicines (Prof. Dr. med. János Szebeni)

14:05 – Complement Activation‐related Pseudoallergy (CARPA) as a Possible Reaction Behind Hypersensitivity Signs During Hemodialysis (Dr. László Dézsi)

14:25 – Nanomedicine Safety Testing in a Porcine Model: Questions Regarding Validity for Preclinical Testing and Mechanism (Dr. Rudolf Urbanics)


Gergely Tibor Kozma 

Gyula Tamás Fülöp

Tamás Mészáros


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